Wolf3D mods

I began to mod Wolf3D in 2004. Learning how to change the art, maps, and eventually the code.

DOOM: Legions of Hell

In 2007, I finished my first mod, DOOM: Legions of Hell, which was a DOOM-like port to the Wolf3D DOS engine. It was buggy and really almost unplayable.

Screenshot from 2007 version of DOOM: Legions of Hell

Medal of Honor: Midnight Assault

Right after DOOMLOH was made, I wanted to make a WWII style mod that was like the Medal of Honor games. I had all of them, and I had some cool ideas for a Wolf3D/Medal of Honor mod. I called it Medal of Honor: Midnight Assault. I was trying my hand at dynamic shading:

The green tile in the center was brightest, and surrounding were dimmer.
A better interpretation of the shading I wanted

But it was crude and very sluggish. I had no graphics (besides some foliage and bamboo-looking walls (as you see on the floors), and the skies were not even using the correct textures either. This mod I wanted to be unique. I had a 5-slot weapon system, so you had to drop and pick up new weapons:

5 slots for weapons (knife, pistol, weapon-A, weapon-B, and grenades)

And a level select that locked out episodes until you completed the previous one:

Some of the names of the missions were… really bad puns. “U-Boat, Me-Boat”?

DOOM: Legions Revisited

Immediately after, I set out to create a sequel that would fix the issues I had with this mod. Wolf4GW (DOS4GW engine) had been made, and allowed a better DOS experience with more memory available. So I thought I would use that to my advantage, since I was not good at memory management. It was short-lived, and the Wolf4SDL engine was made.

I then set out to make the sequel on that. And DOOM: Legions Revisited was made. Although I never finished the mod, in 2010, I released the first episode (9 levels) to at least put my work out there.

Over the years, I tried to finish it, and restarted programming to fix bugs, and try to get features that I wanted working. I had a good build, but was missing some specific things I wanted for the game.

DOOM: Legions of Hell (SDL Version)

Since I lost motivation to map and finish the features, and I felt I had fixed all of the issues I had in the DOS DOOM: Legions of Hell mod, I took the engine, and rebuilt DOOMLOH on it, and converted it to the SDL engine. I fixed bugs, I played through all of my levels to make sure they were beatable. And in 2012, I release DOOM: Legions of Hell (SDL Version)

Side-by-side comparison (new of left, old on right)

To this day, I still have not finished DOOM: Legions Revisited or MOHMA. I have restarted both numerous times, and each iteration, I fix bugs that I had gotten stuck on, and then stopped working on, due to lack of motivation. I have several levels in DOOM:LR from another Wolf3D enthusiast that never saw the light of day. I have re-worked those levels to the new build of the engine. I haven’t touched that code since 2017. I do hope one day I come back to it and finish the mapping and final tweaks, as it is near feature complete.

They still sit in the back of my mind, wondering if I will ever finish them. Depends on what I have planned for my free time in game development.