July Progress Update

I would like to say I am making decent progress. I’ve got 2 maps in Episode 1 fully drafted (complete, but not tested and polished). Currently on #3. I’ve said in many videos that maps are not my strongest skill, so they will take some time.

I think I will also give out an update each month on my progress, since that seems to be a good amount of time in between to establish progress.

DOOM: Legions Revisited update

It’s been well over 5 years since I released Episode 1 of DOOM: Legions Revisited. It was rushed, and not strongly tested. I was in college at the time, and with finals/graduation approaching, I tried my best to get something out there, with lack of interest slowly eating away at me. Now, since I’ve been working on other projects, and honing my skills, I’ve returned back to this project. I believe I had a wind of motivation a few years ago, and I rewrote the engine, with bug fixes, and it eventually went to the DOOM: Legions of Hell (SDL) version. Now, I will be finishing up this mod, with all new levels (except a few I kept, and will be polishing for the updated engine features). I had an additional mapper help me out years ago, and none of his maps ever saw the light of day. Well, I kept a handful, and am hopeful these will be coming with the new release.

I have no maps at this time, but they are in a rough sketch at this time. I will hopefully post some screenshots, and more news as I continue to figure out this site, and continue to work on the project.